Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Potluck - RIP Jordon Robert Hewett aka Jaw-D (Audio)

So I'm sure as you all know, a few months back me, Potluck and everyone else lost a very dear friend and treasure to the music scene, Jordon Hewett aka Jaw-D.
Since the day it happened everyone that knew Jordon has struggled to put into words how their feeling and how much we miss him.
You may remember me blogging the last track Potluck and Jaw-D recorded before his death, entitled "Brotherly Love" produced by Great Skies. If you haven't heard it check it out here:

This track has been in progress for a long time due to the emotion and pain involved in the lyrics, recently we had a birthday blessing for Jordon who would of been 20 and we gave him a good party with plenty of drink, smoke and familiar faces.
Please take time to listen to this track, leave some feedback on Potlucks page and know that Jordon Robert Hewett's memory will always live on
Rest In Piece Brother