Friday, 14 November 2014

@SlickzzOfficial - Slicker Than The Rest (Free Download)

Download your free copy HERE

The long awaited new release from Whos Da Boss 2 winner & eliminator champion Slickzz has finally landed and we are very happy to bringing it you exclusively to our website! Slickzz has been gaining a huge underground following for a number of years now from multiple clashes, videos and sets that he has torn down on a reckless vibe.

Slicker Than The Rest is quite literally the peak of Slickzz year so far showing that not only is he a formidable opponent in a clash but that he can also put out solid music and listenable tracks unlike some other artists in the grime scene that seem to only be able to write clash bars.

Grab yourself a free copy from the link above and witness the rise of a certified underground talent in our modern scene