Saturday, 19 December 2015

#KIPGANG - Fifth Element (Tracklist & Info Announced)

As most of you know, over the last few years we have assembled our own team of artists and producers for the #KIPGANG movement and put out a number of releases. After independently selling 500 hardcopies of our debut album "Don't Sleep On Us" (Available to download for free HERE or stream HERE), we set to work again and after recruited a couple new members we dropped our second album "Awake" in April of 2015 (Available to download for free HERE or stream HERE).

Since then we have been hard at work on the third and by far the best album that we have ever put together entitled "Fifth Element". This 16 track album will be dropping for free download on the 26th of December and features a whole bag of talent so please make sure you support it!

Check out the tracklist below:

1. Billy Boi, Rame, Meta, Crags, Shadoh, TM, Ddub & Psolja - Hectik (Prod. By Meenz)
2. Samuel Lox, Jez, Tantskii & Billy Boi - Nothing To Something (Prod. By Dubzta)
3. TM, Vader, Row D, Ten Dixon, Billy Boi, Critical C, Dialect & Meta - Greeze (Prod. By Erbal T)
4. Meta, Billy Boi & Flawzy - Find My Way (Prod. By Just Dan)
5. Strategy Ki, Terra Montana, Billy Boi & Barzie - Swingers (Prod. By Meenz)
6. SMK, Billy Boi, Dramah, Terra Montana, Spookasonic, TM, Meta & Crags - Violent (Prod. By Gundam)
7. Society, Treack & Billy Boi - Hardest Shit (Prod. By Axxeum)
8. Meta, Society & Bizz - Think Outside The Box (Prod. By Skeng)
9. Billy Boi, Mr Flo & Meta - I Dont Know How Many Times (Prod. By Magic)
10. Billy Boi, Raizer & ET Anomaly - Trap House (Prod. By Sixty P Beatz)
11. Meta, Billy Boi, Kdot & Strategy Ki - Work (Prod. By So Real Sounds)
12. Kuda, Billy Boi, Terra Montana & Society - 2 Wrongs (Prod. By Trini Trotter)
13. Jay3, Scheme & TM - Sawn Off (Prod. By Flexa G)
14. Breeza, Billy Boi, Terra Montana, Koolie, Meta & TM - Mellow (Prod. By Trini Trotter)
15. Jookie Mundo, Billy Boi, Terra Montana & Strategy Ki - Pass The Mic (Prod. By Jookie Mundo)
16. Billy Boi, Raizer, Killa P, Jon E Clayface, Crags, Strategy Ki, Tuggyfresh, Sneeki, TM, Terra Montana, Mixsy & Koolie - Hunter Remix (Prod. By So Real Sounds)