Saturday, 16 April 2016

@BigToastTPS & @Sofa_King_LDN - Save Yourself Kill Them All (EP Review) @RevorgRecords

If your in touch with the underground hiphop scene in the UK then you'll already know that Big Toast is not just a breakfast option at your local greasy spoon served to you by toothless Susan in her mouldy old apron. Big Toast is what happens when a hiphop lover gets hold of his "give a fuck" gene and shapes it into a powerful lyrical weapon.

This latest offering from the David Cameron hating, beat riding beast is a joint EP with London based production wizard Sofa King and is guaranteed to have you sipping cheap whisky and bumping elbows with ketamin induced free mind types at the local squat raves and back end music venues.

From start to finish this EP is a potent concoction of big, ballsy instrumentals and political yet fun lyricism and flows. I would highly recommend that you grab a hardcopy from the link above or if your already aware of the Revorg Records team hit up their website or bandcamp page for the hook up! 

Theres also a few notable features involved from the likes of fellow Revorg degenerate Jack Diggs, Skrabl, Ogre Drool and more so make sure your part of the legacy by support the project!

Support the artist and grab a Hardcopy or a free digital version of the EP HERE