Wednesday, 20 July 2016

@GRMPrizefighter - @MetaSouthdub Vs @ChuckyArtist This Sunday!

This Sunday is the final of this years Prizefighter Elite group and it looks set to be one of the tightest clashes of the year so far. Incase you havent kept up to date with the contest so far heres a brief summary:

- Chucky had a spur of the moment clash with Syco in the quarter finals (due to his opponent Swift not turning up) and then went on to win a close one against Militant in the Semi Finals

- KIPGANG member Meta defeated Nottinghams Poet in his first clash and then went on to another victory against Ace from Wolves in a clash that a lot of people didnt think he could win

As if this wasn't enough to tempt you to attend this FREE event, on the day there will also be the Prizefighter Elite Rumble clash in which both Meta & Chucky will be going up in an all out war along with previous contestants Tantskii, Ace, Poet, Syco and Militant.

We are currently waiting for the official footage from Meta Vs Ace to be uploaded but for now you can check it via the Facebook video above around the 1hr 7minute mark!