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We're very excited to announce that production duo So Real Sounds aka Marv Man & Borks have joined our growing management roster at Knowledge Is Power Promotions.

So Real Sounds have been producing music of multiple genres for a number of years now and what a versatile duo they are. Combining their love of uk grime, hip hop, electronic music and more they have put out a number of big releases with some notable artists vocaling their riddims.

Look out for the So Real Sounds clothing due to drop very soon and also look out for their new cd that they've been working on with Billyboi & Jookie Mundo also featuring a whole host of artists including members of Invasion Alert, Scumfam, Killa P, Dpower, Wariko and many many more

Most recently, SRS producer Marv Man produced the latest single by Invasion Alert founder Vader entitled "Benefits Street". This single is available on iTunes now for the small price of 79p so grab yourself the anthem of a generation and help support the artists!

You can buy it HERE

If you'd like to hear it before buying it please check out this radio rip from WaveyFm:

On Christmas Day 2013 we released a free 5 track instrumental EP from So Real Sounds entitled "Under a the Tree" which was received very well and download over 400 times in the space of a few days. This EP is still available to download HERE or grab it from the soundcloud player below

Another sick release from the back catalogue of SRS is Marv Man's OCD EP featuring vocals from Vader (Invasion Alert), Ak (Scumfam), Jookie Mundo, Billyboi and more and also includes a bonus free instrumental. This is yet another solid release from the SRS team and is a deffinet must have release for any grime fan, you can grab it for free HERE

You can check out more productions from Marv Man via the soundcloud player below. Packed full of radio rips, features, Instrumentals and more his soundcloud is a minefield full of fire so make sure you follow him and keep yourself in the loop for his latest updates

One of my favorite SRS releases has got to be the "Next Day Delivery EP" that they put out with Invasion founder Vader. Featuring 4 solid bangers this was one of the first releases from them that grabbed my attention as it was made entirely in 24 hours (produced, written, recorded and mastered) which is no mean feat! The production team of Marv Man and Borks (Formerly known as Badboi) is a creative force that must be recognized!

You can grab the "Next Day Delivery EP" HERE

Borks aka Badboi of So Real Sounds is yet again a genius when it comes to production. Similar to Marv Man his production skills vary but grime is definitely his forte. However dont take my word for it, check out his soundcloud via the player below for remixes, instrumentals, features and much much more!

Another of the bigger releases from the SRS duo is their first release as a duo, "Above Average EP" featuring Vader, Wariko and Beatgeeks. This release made a huge splash in the undergorund scene, compiling of the original track by Wariko, a remix featuring Vader, a remix by Beatgeeks and the original instrumental by So Real Sounds.

you can grab this release for the small price of £3.95 HERE

For more from So Real Sounds click HERE or check them out via the links below

or follow them on twitter @SRS_Producers @MarvmanPro @Borks_SRS

To work with So Real Sounds or to use any of their beats for your projects or radio shows please hit us up via our twitter @KIPPromotions or email enquiries to

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