Friday, 8 July 2016

DSOTM - The Echo Chamber (Out Now)

If you aren't already aware, Dark Side Of The Moon is a monstrous collective combining the twisted minds and murderous lyricism of Menace Mendoza, FlowTecs, Gordo Templi, Dragon Priest, Nomad, Joey Menza & Dr.Voodoo. 

They've been tearing up the underground hiphop scene for a hot minute now leaving a trail of darkened hysteria amongst the fans and other acts alike and finally in 2016 we are graced with a brand new team project worthy of slaying several politicians to. From the very offset its clear that this album is going to touch on the darker side of life (or death for you pessimistic bastards out there), with the opening beat of "Roswell Oddysey" and the gritty vocal assault that proceeds it.

Having absolutely destroyed the venue at our OX Hip Hop event on the day of release for "The Echo Chamber" its clear that these demonic, twisted sons of satan are a powerful force with one hell of stage show. 

Personal highlight of the project has got to be the haunting "Necropolis City Council" and at this point in the album im ready to renounce my human form and take on full demonic stance upon the top of a grave belonging to the ancestors of a crazed serial killer. Okay, so that may be a bit far (or is it?) but believe me this album will bring out the dark side in anyone.

With features from such names as Ray Vendetta, Teslas Ghost, Teach Em, Efex, Aurahkel, K Zorro, Raz Ghoul and even a special little feature from one of my personal favourite artists CW Jones, this project is one hell of a release for the clan and i urge you to go and grab it, pay your pittence and join the army of the lost souls.

Production by Gordo Templi, Noise Thievery, Joey Menza, Beat Butcha and Ringz Ov Saturn 

Cuts by Jabba The Kut 
Recorded by Aurahkel 
Mix/Master:Sean D 
Artwork by Ringz Ov Saturn