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@LordOfTheMics 5 Clashes [Review]

Finally the fifth installment of the Lord Of The Mics saga is here and available to buy from iTunes, HMV & Online. I received my copy on Monday (Signed by Jammer and also with a free copy of LOTM4 which I bought when it came out but never turn your nose up at a freebie) and after I finished work I eagerly unwrapped and watched it.

Here's my review of the whole thing clash by clash, round by round and my opinion of the winners.

Round 1: Draw

Right from the off you can tell that Realz (Formerly known as Realist) is hungry for blood in this clash, from the first word to come out of his mouth it's obvious that he is not prepared to walka way from this clash as the loser. With such lines as "Your thighs are like 4 in one are your clothes custom made" and a vicious skippy flow Realz is fully taking the clash to Proton straight from the starting gate. Proton too seems up for war and comes with a few good memorable lines such as saying Realz was "Like a Daniel Sturridge that can't grow" among others

Round 2: Realz Wins

Proton starts things off in round 2, starting strong but wanders off beat at times and looks as if his mind is elsewhere during 60% of the clash. This results in him forgetting his bars at certain points and choking in my opinion. Realz continues his onslaught of lyrical fire throughout the round with noticeable bars like "I shouldn't say anything about your weight but your top looks like a bed cover". After Proton forgets his bars, Realz takes full  advantage and goes in with pure aggression untill the round is over

Round 3: Realz Wins

Realz kicks off the final round where he left off in the last one with furious lyricism and flows. Highlights of the onslaught include when he spits "I got beef with knives and burners, you got beef with rice and stew" which in itself has enough impact to spur a bit of retaliation from Proton, unfortunetly it's not enough as Proton almost seems as if he's rushing his bars at times and as Realz takes over again he steps it up a level again to see out the rest of the round

Verdict: Realz wins 2 - 1

Round 1: Zeo Wins

Noticeably on his clash the video and audio quality is much better in comparison to Lord Of The Mics 3 & 4, showing the levels are constantly being upped in respect to getting the Lord Of The Mics brand to where it needs to be. In the first round Lil Choppa looks like he is truely not fussed to be clashing Zeo which at times can come across a bit arrogant but obviously if that's his style of clash tactics who am I to say he's wrong for doing it. Memorable bars from Zeo include him calling Lil Choppa "Dapz's Backpack" and lines such as "Bassline bought man cars and more, what you've done couldn't buy a packet of crisps". Towards the end of the round Lil Choppa seems to get a bit more aggressive and animated, stand out bars include "Your so black I can't see your eyebrows"

Round 2: Lil Choppa Wins

In this second round, both artists prove why they are worthy of a place in LOTM history as they go back and forth with sick lyrics, cold flows and entertaining responses. I've rated Lil Choppa for a few years now but only recently heard of Zeo, needlessly to say he has impressed me with his ever hanging flows and quick witted remarks.

Round 3: Draw

Despite a brief moment where Lil Choppa seems to throw Zeo off his train of thought, the final round is much the same as the second with both MC's trading blows at furious pace. Zeo wins himself points with lyrics like "This is not a clash this is me pissing on his name" but Lil Choppa refuses to give up and ends the round on a high

Verdict: 2 - 2 Draw

Round 1: Grimmy Wins

This clash has sparked a lot of debate towards the quality of LOTM5 talented wise, don't be fooled this is in now at a shit clash. Not dissimilar to his clash with Syco on Whos Da Boss 1, Grimmy brings the banter and jokes from the first round throughout. This time around though he seems more seasoned taking the round at his own pace remaining calm and getting his points across. Grim Sickers on the other hand in my opinion didn't quite meet the standards required. Grim Sickers seems abit too overboard with trying to sound like a hype gunman rather than using his lyrical skill to takedown his opponent. Actions like sniffing a tampon, spinning round in circles, finishing his 16's early and going off beat at times prove why he is yet to make a name for himself in top flight grime. In one memorable bar Grimmy includes the number of Grim Sickers local dentist in Swindon

Round 2: Grimmy Wins

Right off the bat Grimmy assumes control of the clash once again with bars such as "I should put on my gloves and cellotape bacon on my left and my right hand and double slap you in the face" and also goes in with some peak bars about Grim Sickers mother wih the help of a condom (Watch the clash to understand haha). Grim Sickers seems abit more collected in this second round back with some clever metaphors using the names of a few wrestlers but still seems to be trying too hard at times, almost sounding like he's changing his voice just to suit the clash.

Round 3: Draw

Jammer brings the banter from he opening seconds by picking up the Johnny that Grimmy brought and saying he might need it later. Both artists get into the flow of things for the third round, Grimmy continues with a barrage of deep insults and Grim Sickers seems to get into his stride abit more. Grimmy ends the round on top with a few laughs but all in all not a bad round for Grim Sickers.

Bonus Round: Grimmy Wins

More of the same if I'm honest, Grimmy constantly making people laughing with comments such as "R I B Rest In Bacon" and Grim Sickers blows his chance at a comeback by going severely off best and finishing his 16's early yet again

Verdict: Grimmy Wins 3 - 1

Round 1: Draw

This clash is one of the main events for me and has created a lot of hype even before the DVD was released. Eyez kicks off the clash and is going in hard from the very first bar he spits, memorable bars refer to D2 as "Looking like an Arabic mr bean" and "When my man goes back to his hometown, all of his Mandem are riding camels". D2 also goes in hard from the first round as expected, from lyrics like "Inject the hype like on a heroin vibe" and "Back on the day I was selling you fives but is wasnt weed it was pepper and chives".

Round 2: D2 Wins

Both artist start off the second round using the bars from their hype sessions and this clash is proving to be a contender for one of the best LOTM clashes of all time. Eyez has a temporarily lapse in concentration and uses the same bars twice but corrects his mistake and comes back strong, even spitting a sick set of bars that include the names of all the LOTM5 contestants. D2 isn't faded by any of this thought and remains in charge throughout most of the second round, standout bars include "It's not my fault you were born and raised in rehab".

Round 3: Eyez Wins

Eyez kicks off the round with some sick bars, throughout the whole clash he has deffinetly been a worthy opponent for D2. D2 comes with some sick double time bars and a skippy flow but Eyez ends the round in style and for me earns himself the titles of round 3's winner

Bonus Round: D2 Wins

This bonus round is possibly the hypest round of the clash with Eyez remixing D2's bars and doing so very well, D2 thems teps it up by spitting the original bars. All the way through this clash both artists have been very an imaged and entertainingn but this round more than others is absolutely hype. Earlier on in the clash Eyez spat some lyrics using countries as metaphors, in this round D2 does a similar thing but goes ten times harder in my opinion. Eyez makes a slight mistake and repeats a set of bars again for the second time I. E clash upon which D2 pounces and brings home the victory with bars such as "After I spill your blood on the floor, I'll draw for the carpet cleaner".

Verdict: D2 Wins 3 - 2

Round 1: Blizzard Wins

Manchesters Blizzard starts off the clash, vicious but calculated it's nice to see him in a Grime clash rather than a Don't Flop battle. With bars like "I did hate your hype sessions because you sound like Maxsta the whole way through" and a constantly change of flow, Blizzard looks very calm considering how tense the atmosphere seems in the room. A bit part of how tense it seems is down the Rascals member Big Shizz and his approach to clashing, it's been a long time since I've seen Shizz his focused and naturally aggressive with lines such as "I will skeng your managers bald head" and more he proves why he is my faverate Rascals member. Some brief chatter and a few comments from Discarda in the background momentarily puts Blizzard off and Shizz takes full advantage by going in hard to finish the round

Round 2: Big Shizz Wins

The perfect beat for a LOTM classic clash is being played for this round, Footsie's masterpiece entitled Spookfest! Shizz kicks off the round and remains direct and threatening all the way through by spitting such venom as "I will chin your cameraman Ed, but he's fat and ain't got no chin but he still gets chinned" and Blizzard seeming abit more rattled his round replies with lyrics like "Peter is he moistest name g and that's coming from a guy called Bradley". The atmosphere is still looking pretty tense in this round, Shizz looking like he could swing for Blizzard at any given opportunity.

Round 3: Draw

This round being the decider I was hoping for one of the artists to take control and rampage over the other but that was not the case as both artists are evenly matched. Both go in with sick flows, impact within their lyrics and pure focus around the situation at hand

Verdict: 2 - 2 Draw

Round 1: Lil Nasty Wins

This event has been labelled as THE headline clash of LOTM5 by it's creator and fans alike and when facing an oldschool grime legend against the modern day polished young artists signed to a major label I would usually agree. However in my opinion this clash is not worthy of being he main event, I think other clashes on this disc made this clash look quite poor in comparison. Lil Nasty kicks of proceedings with bars like "I wouldn't wanna be him, his mum smokes crack and his real names Ian, says he's from east but you don't ever see him and I been In the streets from the AM to the PM". The atmosphere seems a lot more badminded In this clash as if there was some real life beef to settle even though that is not the case. Maxsta comes back with lines such as "Nobody's dead so the gun talks lies" among others, looking like he's going to take a while to warm to the clash.

Round 2: Draw

Maxsta kicks off the second round but one thing that really concerns me is the amount of phone usage in this clash. Throughout the round Maxsta seems to literally read his bars from his phone, now being a signed artists who also spat some of his clash bars on his JDZMedia Spitfire without the use of a phone, surely Maxsta should be able to remember 3 rounds worth of clash bars? Lil Nasty on the other hand doesn't use his phone bar a few slight moments here and here but he does ruin the clash for me by using so many of his old well known bars and just including Maxsta's name into them, my opinion is that for a main event both artists should've taken more time to write clash bars for each other and learn them properly. Round 2 footage is cut short due to Lil Nastys younger sibling taking offence to some of Maxsta's lyrics and swinging for him from across the room.

Round 3: Draw

Maxsta starts the round looking more determined and angry towards the clash after the situation with Lil Nastys brother withs u h lyrics as "Your not a rock star your a bellend" but then slips back into old habits and again reads bars from his phone. Lil nasty also disappoints in his final round by yet again using old bars. The most entertaining part about round 3 is how tense it is at the very end as both artists and onlookers start to shove each other a little and get into the Cameramans face whilst bickering. 

Verdict: Lil Nasty Wins 3 - 2

Article written by Jack Matthews of Knowledge Is Power Promotions
All rights reserved 2014